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Grinding Teeth

No, we aren't going to use any pig product for your gum grafting, it will all be from your mouth. This is what my dentist told me when I mentioned I had heard pig products had be used. I mean, I realized it was a surgery but man, it would be nice to be able to have the roof of my mouth to no longer feel like I really, really, really burnt it on pizza. You know what's interesting? Aamir wasn't there for the surgery (actually, that's not too surprising, he gets to go to exotic places like Pittsburgh for work) but it wasn't his hand I imagined squeezing as I felt the periodontist could have used some more numbing gel, it was Hadi's. It was like I could hear the little guy saying, "Mama, you got this, just turn to Allah (SWT)." Zakaria also was helpful and made sure I didn't talk too much the day of the surgery and handed me a post it notepad and pencil if I needed to tell him something. The swelling has reduced but I am supposed to use a moist heating pad and let's just say that our house kinda smells like burnt popcorn at the moment. I will also point out that my awesome husband went out and got four different types of heating pads for me. It reminded of me when he brought many types of motion sickness medicine when we we decided I would be riding in the first helicopter ride with Hadi. When I told Hadi I would be with him, his first question was, "but what about your motion sickness, Mommy?" Also, I still hate the word moist. Don't be jealous, I also get to have a root canal on Friday. Fine, I might actually wear a night guard now. I still am not up to eating all types of food and I am currently drinking a smoothie that has beets in it...I am just glad we never made Hadi try beets while at NIH because man, they turn everything red. We realized we probably should let Hadi have all the red airhead candy he wanted when he started vomiting red...not the best, particularly when you have a blood disease.

Yes, you all have been an incredible support during our journey and I know you will continue to be. To those who have randomly texted me to "just say hi" and say you were thinking of me...thank you, seriously, thank you. And yes, I will continue to ask you to support our many fundraising efforts because I know they are important and I mean, how can you not want to watch my honey bear do the electric slide?

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