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It’s already November and I aremembering how I used to be better about asking my kids what they were grateful for as well as having them tell me a memory of Hadi. So, since it it November 6th, six things I am grateful for are:

1. Cuddles from Zakaria

2. My mother telling me she bought me shawis from Pakistan

3. Scones...ahem, Nazia

4. Spotify and the playlist that Cold Spoon introduced me to: upbeat acoustic covers

5. Planning a trip to Scotland and thinking of Zakaria in a kilt

6. Surah Mulk...Do they not see the birds?

And, six memories of Hadi:

1. Only allowing Zakaria to ask three questions while watching a Star Wars movie.

2. Him putting his arms out and telling me to come to him when he knew I needed a hug.

3. His Quranic recitation.

4. How quickly he finished his homework.

5. Dr. Childs!!!

6. Mommy, you are the best. No, are.

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