• Saira Sufi

Girlfriend In A Coma

I loved "Bumblebee". Absolutely loved it. That being said, I am a bit concerned I will start going back into listening to The Smiths and I don't think that is quite healthy for me at this moment. :)

2019...what will you bring? I have no idea but I do know my walk this morning was lovely and hard at the same time. One minute I was thinking about how beautiful the trail behind our neighborhood will look in the spring. The next minute I was sad thinking about how I won't be able to watch Hadi and Zakaria being goofballs on our walks down to the neighborhood playground or watching them attempt to skip rocks in the creek. I still am jealous of my brother being able to skip rocks so well. Anyway, I am fully aware these emotions are involved in the grieving process.

I won't write much more today in the hopes that you will indulge me by reading about the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund.

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