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Forget the cowbell, I need more banjo!

Zakaria now has a banjo and starts lessons next week. I am pretty excited to see how it goes. I can’t believe 2019 is almost over. Pretty boring year for me, overall. I crack myself up.

What will 2020 bring? Scotland and Zakaria in a kilt comes to mind. Doing more for caregivers at NIH is another thought. We visited there last Wednesday and ran into Dr. Awe in the elevator. He was one of Hadi’s main doctors and I would describe him as pretty stoic. I was taken aback when he gave me a hug and started talking about Hadi’s Roast.

Apparently, the team pharmacist saw the coffee online, called Coexist Coffee and confirmed it was in honor of my Hadi and she gifted the team with multiple bags of Hadi’s Roast. Dr. Awe then took us to go see Hadi’s main doctor, Dr./RADM Childs. Dr. Child’s explained how he thinks of us every time he uses the Star Wars bowls I gave to him. The man never struck me as one who would be at a loss words but explaining recent events in my life definitely made him quiet and he finally just said, “I am sorry to hear that”. He talked to Zakaria for a bit and it was sweet as it was clear he was reminded of Hadi. I left his office smiling at how Dr. Awe said “Hadi’s mom is here” when we entered. Pretty sure he doesn’t know my name and I am perfectly ok with that. We will be going back soon enough to see the awesome gingerbread houses. I wrote last about this bring my first Thanksgiving being single. Well, it was lovely with my parents and older brother and his kiddos and of course, Zakaria who said he was thankful for pizza.

My niece can read a stack of books like nobody’s business and has some strong opinions on Professor Dumbledore as well as Frozen but I told her to let me enjoy belting out “Into the Unknown” randomly.

So, as 2020 approaches, tell me, what is that you want for yourself? Or better yet, what do you want for me? ;)

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