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Fig and Seed

Cold Spoon, I love you. I just finished my fig and seed yogurt and am enjoying my coffee and listening to Surah Mulk. I already have seen four people I know and I am thinking about the flustered beautiful mom who came in to grab her cup of deliciousness. She said she was "monster mom" this morning. It was fascinating seeing the range of emotions in less than ten minutes. Frustration that her daughter wouldn't take her vitamin, annoyance at her elder kids not preparing for their tests and then sadness and guilt because she felt bad for getting angry with the kids she loves. She was spent and I could see it in her eyes as she mentioned her husband was traveling. I think about how many times Aamir travels and how I pride myself on getting through each day and rewarding myself with some Cadbury and Mr. Darcy. Oh, Mr. Darcy. :) She was on her way to work and I thought about how many emotions mothers juggle on a daily basis. I think about how many times I hear that females should lift each other up. I realize that every time I am a little more sad than usual, a text message or phone call or voicemail pops up, often from someone who I wasn't expecting and it does in fact, lift me up. Ya know what else lifted me up? I called my dad yesterday and he answered with, Assalamalaikum, Saira Sufi. It made me laugh. He used my full name...which I suppose many people do, just not usually my dad. He usually leaves messages that say, "Hello, Saira, this is your dad." Makes me smile every time. I called a dear friend to make her laugh by telling her about my dad calling me by my full name. She was supporting a mother whose daughter was about to start her first chemo treatment. I can feel my blood pressure rise as I think about chemo and pokes and swollen gums and so I will switch the topic to Kansas City. I am listening to Kansas City by The New Basement Tapes and I am a big fan (I mean, written by Bob Dylan and Marcus Mumford, how could I not be?). I also could really go for a raspberry torte from Java Break and a show at The Bottleneck. And now my playlist switched to Another Story by The Head and The Heart...Can we go on like it once was?

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