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Dobby is free!!!

Happy Doctor's Day! There is no way I can truly convey how much I admire and respect doctors (yes, I had some choice words for a few while at NIH but let's not go there). Not just my parents but also the doctor who recently told me she did not know who Dobby was and while I think my response was, "off with your head," I let it slide because well, she is reusing her protective personal equipment.

Zakaria is watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and well, probably not the healthiest for me to hear Cedric Diggory's father yell out for his son. Particularly after hearing Paul Simon's new performance of the Boxer. At least the doctor who doesn't know who Dobby is would be pleased to know I finished off the Oreos and they were double stuf....did you know it actually says "stuf" on the packaging?

I spent Ramadan and Eid at NIH in 2018 and it was lonely but peaceful. To say that people looked after me is quite the understatement. Hadi loved the Ramadan decorations that were lovingly put up in our room; the iftar dinners brought to me were amazing and even though the roof of the Children's Inn collapsed on the day of Eid ul Fitr and we were evacuated before changing into our finery, we made it work and still had an incredible time.

Coronavirus is allowing me to spend another Ramadan in solitude and it will be fine but it does suck knowing that I won't get Dolcezza ice cream delivered to me at the exact perfect time or amazing chili given to me in cute little Star Wars disposable containers but hey, virtual iftars will definitely be a thing, right?

I knew things had gotten bad when I seriously considered having Wendy's delivered. I justify this by thinking that I want to donate blood but my hemoglobin is always too low. Yeah, still not justified but whatever. Don't judge me. I didn't end up ordering it...yet.

Hadi and I used to talk about how life would be once we got out of the NIH. We laughed thinking about a life with no IV pole or beeps. Instead, Allah (SWT) decided my sweet boy deserved Jannah after all he had been through. I have learned that it is important to live in the moment but I can't deny that thinking about being back in my house and possibly not Lysoling everything in sight makes me happy. Just like Dobby when he gets his sock.

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