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Do You Like Pancakes?

Sunday. There used to be a place in Arlington called Lazy Sundae, I loved it. I also love making pancakes on Sunday morning and I will let you in on a little secret, I have an absurd amount of Cadbury and so now Zakaria gets to enjoy Cadbury pancakes. This makes me happy and also allows me not to think too much about the fact that Zakaria believes Hadi is eating all the pancake batter he wants in Jannah. Um, how much did he eat when he was with us? Watching my brother and Zakaria attempt to control a drone was an entertaining part of this Sunday. Oddly enough, it was Aamir who went out for Sunday brunch today and not me. Even more odd was the fact that his friends chose IHOP. Really, IHOP? Granted, it does make me think about how much Hadi and Zakaria loved suhoors at IHOP. Another week begins tomorrow. I will be helping Cornerstones out with "Gifts for Kids" and I will smile thinking about Hadi and Zakaria always helping me pick out gifts for others. I will then most likely stop by Weird Brothers Coffee and come up with yet another list of ideas for next steps in my life (is there a way to make a career out of visiting the National Parks in Utah?)

The shirts are selling like hotcakes...see what did there? I crack myself up.

The picture is from yesterday but it is of Zakaria at his finest. :)

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