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Do aliens eat brisket?

Aamir was talking in his sleep last night and it was pretty clear he was having a bad dream. I woke him up and he let me know he was dreaming about aliens. I nodded and went back to sleep as it apparently is pretty common for him. This takes me back to how often Hadi would talk in his sleep and how often I couldn't tell if he was sleeping or if I was supposed to engage in conversation. He sat up in bed one time at the NIH and said, "Momma, you are going to have another baby in five minutes." Watching the nurses try to figure out if Hadi was talking to them while dreaming was pretty entertaining as well. There were obviously dreams about Star Wars. He woke up another time and said "R2D" and then went back to sleep. I also remember the night tremors Hadi used to have when he was younger and how terrifying it was to try to get him to calm down. Hadi would be running around his room but he was still clearly asleep. Then there was Zakaria, who

would fall off his toddler bed and Aamir and I would hear the thud and run into check on him and he would just be laying asleep on the floor.

I am tired and I think part of it is still the food coma from Aamir's brisket. Ya know, Aplastic Anemia can be very tough on a marriage and a family but I think about this past weekend and how Leena schooled me on on how to make crepes, how Zakaria calmly answered another youngin's question of why Hadi had to pass away with. "it was his time" and how Aamir fully took on my desire to have brisket at home and mastered it and I think...we gonna be alright. And there is Hadi;s voice in my head...1, 2, 3...TEAM WATIENCE.

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