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Disasters, fires, floods and killer bees

Music and nature both have a way of calming me. I had to get my Virginia state inspection done for my Honda today (yes, I followed all social distancing rules). On the way my iTunes played Faith No More's, "We Care a Lot" and I started actually listening to the lyrics. I thought I paid attention to song lyrics but Zakaria takes it to another level and so I have become more aware of what I am hearing. I am glad because I now really want to get my hands on some Garbage Pail Kids trading cards.

After I dropped off my car, I went on a nice little walk. Seeing the rain droplets on the trees and listening to the water from the creek was quite nice. It reminded me of making Hadi come up to the third floor at NIH to watch storms with me, some of them rivaled a good Kansas storm but not quite.

After picking up my car, I listened to Let Go by Frou Frou. (no, not the Frozen song). Yet again, I thanked my beautiful Zakaria for making sure I really listened to lyrics, "cause there is beauty in the breakdown."

What makes you feel calm?

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