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December 7th

December 7th. First bone marrow transplant day for Hadi. I made sure the awesome cake from JennyCakes was ready. I made sure we had our Hadi's Crew shirts ready. The nurses made sure there was peppermint oil available to help with the creamed corn smell. See, whatever the cells are stored/frozen in smells a whole lot like creamed corn. Suffice it to say, creamed corn will never be the same for me. The nurses had made a big "Happy New Birthday" sign for Hadi and they all came in with the sign and sang and the cells were given to Hadi through IV. In all honesty, I had a panic attack right after this picture. I was beginning to understand how freaking awful panic attacks are and I was attempting to also keep a smile on my face for my precious Hadi. I also was dealing with the fact that the doctors kept both Zakaria and Leena away from Hadi, not allowing them to be in the same room. UGH, that freaking sucked. It would be a few weeks before we realized that the first transplant didn't take. I will be honest in saying I demolished the birthday signs the nurses made as I hated looking at them. I was asked yesterday the reason for the new shirts. Well, one, because I wanted updated shirts that included "Team Watience" and I wanted to offer long sleeve shirts as well. And because when I look at this picture, it reminds me of how far we made it and the shirts make me know that Hadi will not be forgotten and we will continue to make sure we continue to spread Aplastic Anemia/bone marrow failure awareness. It's also pretty fun to design shirts. Thank you for the continued support. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in their Hadi's Crew shirts when Zakaria makes sure he suckers someone into giving him a piggy back ride during the next March fo Marrow event.

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