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Cookies and Cream

I was a judge this morning for the LCPS Regional Science & Engineering Fair. My category was Environmental Science. As I listened to these high schoolers talk to me about micro-beads harming the environment and how oysters are being affected by micro-plastics, I started thinking about Hadi and Zakaria presenting together. Hadi would most likely have done the brunt of the research and collecting date but then Zakaria would present it in only the way he can. I wonder what their presentation would be about, what happens when you separate twins when one is going under treatment for aplastic anemia? How much can a mother of an aplastic anemia warrior order from Zuilly during 13 months at NIH? Do nurses have more of an affinity towards pediatric patients who share their sour patch kids? I lost a son but Zakaria lost a twin. That being said, it is very obvious they still are connected, particularly when Zakaria lets me know that Hadi preferred cookies over cake when we were placing our JennyCakes order...he did try to convince me to get cookies and cream cookies but finally admitted he wasn't quite sure if those were Hadi's favorite but they were his.

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