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Cold Spoon or Colada?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in less than seven hours. I am so giddy and not just because Oscar Isaac was on Good Morning America. Watching Zakaria's excitement is adorable and heartwarming. Obviously I wish Hadi bould be sitting next to them and I could watch them scarf down popcorn. That being said, Zakaria would only be allowed to ask Hadi three questions and it would probably go downhill when Zakaria tried to discuss Rey's parents during the movie. I now need to decide which Star Wars memorabilia to put up in the house


Verizon did their inspection yesterday and supposedly, the rebuild will start in January. Granted, I don't imagine us being able to move back in until October...that is a whole lot of time to research Pinterest. At the moment, I am thinking I need to put electric feet warmers in EVERY SINGLE ROOM. Man, it's cold. However, I am indoors in my lovely third floor apartment and I am grateful for that.

I signed up to volunteer at Zakaria's holiday party and then we head up to Maryland to watch Star Wars. I need coffee.

2019 is almost over and yes, I am looking forward to a new year but seriously, each day brings a little lesson for me. Today's lesson was that regardless of what it takes, I will be the one who gets to choose what kinda countertops I want in my house, Zakaria's and my house. I also am proud that I haven't yelled out, "YOU FN LEFT" today....yet. Yesterday's lesson was that...I can actually put Lego sets together. Hadi would probably have put together the one I did in maybe 15 minutes and it took me about two days. :)

I am sure many of you have resolutions for 2020. I would request that you include the following to your list..."help get the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund to 60K". :)

The Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund

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