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Cho Cho Train

I am allergic to bees, did you know that? We discovered this during one of our house parties when I was a kid and my mom had to drive through our lawn to go to take me to the hospital because the driveway was full of cars. The original Mama Badass Sufi.

It then became a whole ordeal when a bee came into our house in Topeka. I was quarantined in the bathroom and Awais took a broom to the bee while Amir had the Raid. I now am sitting on my patio and have only flinched once while these carpenter bees fight their little hearts out. I swear there are like 100 of them.

It‘s far too nice not to be sitting outside and I love thinking about Allah’s creations while also chuckling at this bird telling the bees to step off so she can eat some bird seed. Anyone else just start singing the Humpty Dance?

Sixth day of Ramadan and my first as a single mother. I made my own version of meat samosas, no...Zakaria, I will never call them lukmis. Zakaria decided to call them Mamamas. To be honest, they kinda turned out more like a keema in a blanket type situation and they were quite yummy.

I also made scones and the amount of powdered sugar that went into the glaze is something I should be ashamed of but ya know what? I am not. I also was sent a massive box of Shatila...I have amazing friends but yeah, I need me some Orange Theory. Brilliant me also decided to order from Shepherd Meats while fasting and now I have skirt steak, chicken breast, hotdogs, pastrami and of course... lovely looking s’mores.

I have been reading Quran and going on walks to keep myself busy. The one project I keep telling myself I will do is to go through old pictures and videos. Then I looked for the Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy video of Hadi to post and allowed myself to realize I am not quite there yet. Grief, oh are powerful beyond measure. And heck, so am I. Yep, booty shake to Destiny’s Child up in this piece. Yeah, not so much. I don’t listen to much music during Ramadan.

Ok, the bees are giving me side eye and it’s probably time for me to go inside.

The Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund will have some important news to share on May 4th.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Anyone else start just singing C’mon N’ Ride It?

No, just me? Aight then.

The gif is odd but reminded me of Hadi’s obsession with Bomb Pops/Firecrackers. What do you call them?

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