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Chinese Food and a Movie

You know what is sort of terrifying? Watching Zakaria control a drone. That being said, I am pretty impressed with the pictures he was able to take. Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you to Cold Spoon for being open. Aamir and I need to figure out which movie to watch and what kind of Chinese food we should order. This has been one freaking tough year, particularly for the Sufi family. I truly wish I could be eating halwa puri in Lahore with Bilal Bhai, Ijaz Uncle and laughing at Hadi soak up the goodness. Yes, once in awhile, I am "cultural". Shocking, I know. We finally were able to put up our framed Islamic art print and it looks amazing but more importantly, it will stand as a reminder to me = Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel. Allah is sufficient for us and he is the best disposer of affairs for us. What an excellent guardian and protector he is. Pretty much what I was saying to myself as Aamir was precariously on the highest rung of the ladder trying to hang the beautiful piece. All of the Star Wars items have been organized and I think my favorite has to be the remote controlled Millennium Falcon. Remembering Hadi use it while at the NIH and the pure joy on his face is lovely. Lovely, what a British word, right? Maybe I used it because I am staring at the absurd amount of British chocolate I just received. Thank you also to Jenny Cakes for being open yesterday. It was cute listening to my father tell me that he picked up HadiCakes and planned on delivering them to his neighbors.

Ambar indulging Zakaria and his drone.

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