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Chewing Loudly

Ya know that little train that they now have in malls? Hadi and Zakaria loved that train but I would only let them ride it at Dulles and not Tyson's because the pricing at Tyson's is...well, it's Tyson's. Anyway, I was at Tyson's today and stared at that train. How I would love to go back to being exhausted and getting a Starbucks before squeezing myself into that train with the boys. Can you imagine what boggles my mind? The fact that I still get unbelievably annoyed with Aamir for chewing loudly (I am traumatized by images of my older brother walking into my room while I was sleeping and making sure I heard him eating his Corn Flakes). Hm, maybe that's why I still love cereal for dinner at times. I digress. I have first hand knowledge aware I could lose Aamir or another hardship will take away something or someone from my life in the next hour and yet, I still focus on the little things. I know it is human nature but I truly wish I could let things go that aren't worth holding on to. That being said, I will always hold on to the notion that KU will eventually get to the National Championship again. I have always asked my kids what they are grateful for...and I really miss Hadi's awesome answers, sometimes it was eyes and other times it was tattoos and Mommy's smell. Today was a bit rough. I can't pinpoint why and I honestly don't think I am meant to. Maybe it's the fact that I keep ending sentences with prepositions.

Guess what??? 103 people have subscribed to Aamir just did a booty shake...sorry for the mental image but I enjoyed it.

Also, you can now purchase your very own Hadi's Crew shirt! It would be so appreciated to continue to honor Hadi's memory through these shirts and how awesome would it be if everyone wore them on special days (more on that later).

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