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I was discussing my love of good chocolate with one of my favorite neighborhood kids today. He was mentioning his love of Hershey and then we discussed the ride at Hershey's Chocolate World. Suddenly, I burst into laughter remembering Hadi freaking out at the singing cows. He was adamant that "cows aren't supposed to sing". He was probably about three years old and it took awhile to calm him down. How those types of memories sustain me during the depths of grief.

Today was spent packing up my apartment but also opening up all the packages that have been delivered to the house over the past months. I am tired and am pretty sure drinking this nitro cold brew coffee is not the best idea if I want to get to bed early tonight. There are still a few weeks until I can move in and I am sure tonight will be spent thinking about the last few years as well as wondering what the future holds. I finished my latest puzzle and so I very well might be talking to Zakaria's stuffed animals to keep my mind occupied. Chewbacca is quite a good listener.

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