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Came to my senses for a bit.

Zakaria asked for Star Wars chocolates when I asked him what he wanted from New York. I now really want to get a chocolate Chewbacca and bite its head off. I decided to take a Bolt bus up to New York and it reminds me of when Diba and I would take the Chinatown bus into New York and we were never quite sure if we would actually make it without the bus breaking down.

I am looking forward to a New York bagel and I will smile thinking about how Hadi used to love a good sesame seed bagel. Zakaria is on a camping trip this weekend and while I love the outdoors and enjoying true nature, I kinda think I am gonna look into glamping. As there are many scented candles around my house now, I am now realizing I can appreciate the finer things in life while also having no shame eating cookie dough out of the tube in front of my son. This is the same son who told me to breathe while I was dealing with the TiVo representative on the phone.

Yes, TiVo. I mean, I am all about some SaltNPeppa, but there are some things that should stay in the 90s. I could hear the Verizon Tech guy going off on TiVo when he was putting in our new service and I am happy to say that brand new Verizon dvrs are on their way.

Harry Potter and ComiCon in one weekend with Nay? Yeah, I will have my difficult moments on this new journey of mine but you best believe I will figure out a way to meet Oscar Issac. :)

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