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Boy best go stag if I do allow him to go.

One year ago, 17 people lost their lives to gun violence. Remember how Hadi didn't want me to watch the news because it made me too angry? Still does but that day, I was sad and angry. I lost my child to a beast of a disease: Aplastic Anemia but those 17 people are no longer with us because of how we handle guns in this country. Do I have a solution? No and I honestly don't want to think about the best way to convince gun supporters that something has to change. I freaking don't want to tell my children that there was another school shooting. I don't want my daughter to look at me with fear in her eyes because of a threat against her school. I can somewhat deal with going into Zakaria's school realizing that Hadi will never join him but I don't deal well thinking that "lockdown" is becoming a common term for our youth. You know what's funny? I sometimes wonder if I will let Zakaria go to prom and I am kinda sad that I will miss out on having that discussion with Hadi. I kinda hate prom and all that goes with it but that is what is on my mind. I wonder if there is prom in Jannah.

Parkland Cares-Donations raised will provide immediate and long-term funding and awareness for mental health counseling for the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting survivors, their families and the community-at-large.

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