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I should be used to being called Aunty Saira by now but I still kind of shake my head when I hear or see it (I should treasure it but it makes me feel old). Hadi looked forward to Bingo on Wednesday nights and yes, the kid could walk fast. He also became known as the NIH Bingo historian as he could tell any of volunteer David's corny jokes. I knew Hadi was truly exhausted or in pain when he didn't want to go to Bingo. Zakaria had a bowling play date yesterday and watching one of his friends dance after he made a spare or strike reminded me so much of Hadi, it honestly hurt a little bit. Yet it felt awesome at the same time, as in, I will see glimpses of my beautiful son and be reminded of him in various ways. I will be reminded of how "nobody in his family likes chocolate" anytime I bite into a HadiCake. Hadi was actually the only one in our family that didn't like chocolate. :) . I will be reminded of Hadi every time I shake my booty when I get a new subscriber to my blog, and yes, I actually do shake my booty in my chair and I am hoping it is alright to say that while I am listening to a khutbah online by Omar Suleiman. Thank you all so much for indulging me by subscribing and allowing me to write about this journey (please make sure you tell your friends and colleagues to sign up). I will remember Hadi every time I get a notification that a donation has been made to Hadi's Be The Match fundraising page.

That being said...check this out. There is only one individual who has raised more than Hadi. Now come on, we ain't gonna let that be the case. (Leena, I know you are reading this-I still am not going to let you use the word "ain't"). We are at $53, 377and the person above us raised $56,312. We got this, I know we do.

Please stay tuned as I add more to, including an option for purchasing Team Hadi shirts as well as an option for purchasing a trip to Ireland for me. ;)

Go buy some yummy HadiCakes!

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