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Baby, I'm Amazed By You

So, in case you were wondering, an apicoectomy is not enjoyable. It is a minor surgical procedure that removes the apex, or very tip, of the tooth's root. Now, here is the thing, I am pretty meticulous about brushing my teeth and flossing and yet, I have had to get grafting done and an apicoectomy. Aamir on the other hand, is not a big fan of flossing but has no real teeth issues. It was interesting hearing that my tooth had been through trauma and that is why it needed this surgery. Wouldn't I know if my tooth had a traumatic experience? The only thing I can think of is my twins consistently tilting their heads backwards and smacking my chin. Anyway, my gums looks gross but I am not as in much pain as I was with the grafting. Maybe it is because I was more relaxed and enjoyed the massaging dental chair and country music that my endodonist had playing. My Arab endodonist had country music playing...I suppose it brought up the generalizations I hold in my head. Then again, I am pretty sure a lot of folks don't know I walked into "Amazing" by Lonestar at my wedding reception and just jammed to "Take Me Home, Country Roads" with Zakaria last night.

It's Friday night and I am comfy just chilling at home after a long week. Zakaria and I went into DC on Monday to see the cherry blossoms and then to NIH because he wanted to see his favorite nurse. The cherry blossoms were amazing as they are every year and I thought about the amazing picture Leena took of Hadi, Zakaria, Aamir and I in front of one of them a few years back. I thought about how I took Hadi and Zakaria on my own to the cherry blossoms and how I was sure they were going to fall into the Tidal Basin. There were also some beautiful blossoms at NIH and while being there, I realized how it was truly a home for us for 13 months and Zakaria will always feel a connection with it. On Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to help with taking care of an amazing child while her aplastic anemia warrior sister had a bone marrow biopsy. Her mother was very grateful but I had to explain to her how therapeutic it was for me. Helping out others makes me feel connected to Hadi and furthermore, it is through this mother that I was able to meet with Hadi's main doctor that day. See, he is a hard man to get a hold of but this mother advocated for me to make sure I saw him. I just wanted to say hello but as we started taking and he let me know he enjoys the Star Wars popcorn maker we got him, he also let me know that Hadi was responsible for changing the transplant protocol he was involved in to include radiation from the beginning. I still can't fully explain how I felt hearing that. More than anything, I want to hear Hadi's voice, I want him to put together another LEGO masterpiece but the comfort I have knowing that he contributed to the improvement of treatment and inshAllah reduced the number of transplants that aren't successful feels pretty amazing.

You know what else feels amazing? Realizing all the support we have in ensuring steps are being made to improve aplastic anemia treatments and eventually a cure is found through the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund. So many images came to my mind while at NIH but the one I treasured was watching the aplastic anemia warrior hug her mother and younger sister. It took me back to Hadi and how he knew exactly when I needed

a hug. The mother told me she sometimes hears Hadi talking to her and encouraging her to continue her fight against aplastic anemia and to push for medical research. I just wonder if he still talks as fast as he used to. ;)

The Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund

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