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August 31st

It is the last day of August, 2020. What a whirlwind. Distance learning starts for Zakaria next week and I honestly am not sure what to expect.

My father was reminding me how I used to give math worksheets to Hadi at NIH and he would finish them so quickly. I would pretend to check them but the kid’s math was better than mine. What else? I recently left my job after standing up for myself and knowing it wasn’t the right fit. While I know Allah has better things in store from me, it’s hard to not be a bit confused about it all.

I suppose it didn’t help that I decided to leave 5 days before my divorce papers were finalized. Many, many emotions. Now I get to figure out what to do with my time while fully recognizing this time is meant for me to pause and reflect. It was nice volunteering today at Cornerstones for the backpack drive. I need to make sure to sign up to provide bagged lunches for the shelter. Hadi loved putting those together. The house should be ready in about two weeks. I think I said that two weeks ago. I am sure the rebuilders love that I keep dropping off stuff at the house. I am going to be a squatter at my own house at this point.

So, as I prepare to go back into the house I brought my twins home to and work on focusing on what’s most important, let me ask you, what makes you calm?

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