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Aamir and I went down to Winchester to celebrate our 9 year anniversary. It was freezing but beautiful. We stayed in an adorable cabin at The Inn at Vaucluse Spring. As we were getting ready to sleep, we realized a "decent sized" (Aamir's words) spider wanted to join us. He must have liked my "Mama Bear" shirt. As he was crawling on me, I didn't freak out... much. I suppose I got used to spiders early on as there were massive ones in our basement growing up (they kind of appeared after huge storms). Aamir took care of the spider and it was at that moment that I realized that, though Aamir rarely picks up on my sarcasm, he truly understands certain parts of me. Rather than crushing the spider, he made sure to have it crawl on a piece of paper and then casually opened the door and let it outside. Granted, now that I think about it, I am hoping the spider didn't freeze outside but you get my point. My children also know that I prefer that we attempt to let flies and spiders outside before killing them. I suppose I see them all as Allah (SWT's) creatures. I am hoping that is what Aamir was thinking as he released the spider and wasn't thinking too much about how awesome it would be to have spidey sense (his desired superhero skill). I named the spider Harold. This was also the name a nurse had given to Hadi when he was using his very high pitched whiny voice. I still have no idea how his voice could go that high. Harold drove me nuts but I would love to have him back. I can hear that voice and I also can hear Hadi in the ICU crying out in pain and seeing how difficult it was for the nurses and doctors to hear him (if it was difficult for them to hear, imagine how his mother felt). No more pain little man, no more pain. And you best believe that I will work hard towards allowing research to be done through the Hadi Abdur Rasheed Research Fund to eventually find a cure and remove all the pain that comes along with the beast that is Aplastic Anemia. I will also work to make sure there is more diversity on the National Marrow Donor Program and there is funding available to make sure those donations can take place. I just closed my eyes and imagined Hadi saying "YES" and doing a little cheer upon hearing that Team Watience has raised $59,283 for Be The Match! I can't wait to make Aamir pretend like he is a spider when we get to $75,000. Yeah, I totally just came up with that (he loves me). Make it happen, y'all. Be The Match-Team Watience

Now that it is above freezing, I will go visit Hadi's grave site today and then I will look our backyard and envision what our outdoor healing garden will look like and I will watch the beautiful birds feed of the new bird feed I g

ot and guess what? It has mealworms. I can handle dried mealworms as part of bird feed but I don't believe I am quite at the point of glistening them to make them more appealing to birds. Stay tuned though.

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