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Am I Good Enough?

"My advice to young women in that you have to start by getting those demons out of your head. The questions I ask myself - 'am I good enough?' -Michelle Obama

I can clearly hear Hadi telling me to stop being critical of myself when I said I wasn't creative. As per usual, he turned the tables on me and told me that I recently told a good friend to stop downplaying her artistic talent and to just accept the compliments and so I should do the same. Why are we so freaking hard on ourselves?

Allah (SWT) welcomed another child into Jannah yesterday and I told Zakaria to let Hadi know he had to welcome the child and Zakaria said ok and immediately looked up and in his brother language, I can only imagine that he told Hadi to welcome him and to explain the "rules".

"I had a feeling I could be someone."-Tracy Chapman. Man, somehow "Fast Car" has always been able to really make me think about who I am and my life experiences. Why did it take an life threatening illness and the passing of my son to make me fully realize I have control over nothing. Well, wait, that's not true. I have control over finally admitting, "ya know what?, no, I am not a huge fan of biryani." There, I said it.

Alright, if you are reading this and you haven't subscribed, please do so now by clicking here. Scroll to the bottom and fill out your name and e-mail address. I also would appreciate if you continue to spread the word. I might even think about sharing something really special with only those who have, maybe, my true feelings on paneer. In all honesty, I will feel all sorts of giddy if I make it to at least 200 subscribers by the end of the year.

I am working on putting the link for ordering Hadi's Crew shirts up. In addition, if you have any thoughts for the next unique shirt to represent Hadi, I would love to hear them.

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