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A Tribe Called Quest

I attended the ADAMS Peace and Safety Appreciation Gathering and as usual, I teared up listening to a youngin recite Quran. Zakaria was in my lap and made sure to give me a hug...the kid always knows when I need a hug.

It’s been quite a heavy day. A friend passed away this morning from Sickle Cell Anemia, then hearing about a family go through the emotional roller coaster of learning their daughter‘s liver donor wasn’t able to proceed, and then being reminded of September 11th...

I was 22 years old and interning for Congressman’s Gephardt’s campaign. It’s interesting how much I have blocked out of my mind from that day but I do remember being terrified that I couldn’t get a hold of Nay and also just not knowing what to do or think.

I am pretty sure I still don’t quite know what to do or think most of the time but I am accepting that. ;) I also put an earring in one of my cartilage holes like I used to do when I was 22,

because...well, I am hip like that.

Can I kick it? Yes you can.

I am all over the place with this post and ya know what? That’s aight. It hasn’t been a year since our sweet Hadi returned to Allah. I have spent so much time on Team Watience and awareness of aplastic anemia and yes, I can say, “go me” but seriously, I just wanna hear the little buggar get annoyed with Zakaria. I wanna go back to hiking with both of my boys in their nightsuits. I wanna go back to Hadi running at me for a “jump hug”.

I know Allah is the best of planners but...I miss ya, Hadi. That is all.

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