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“Do you have a balance? I will cover it.” As looked at the woman in confusion at the Kohl’s checkout lane, she told me she lived in my neighborhood. I held back the tears until I left the store, which is pretty impressive because before she said goodbye, she told me she was a twin. You know those bath bombs that have all the swirls? That’s kinda how my emotions seem to me right now. A tangled mess of sadness, anger, grief, happiness, joy...and that was just from watching my mother and Alia‘s faces when they discovered I had dumped all my jewelry into a plastic bag. Yes, even the good stuff.

I do think I will buy some bath bombs to sit and contemplate how much Allah has given me. The friend who literally gave me the shoes off her feet the day of the fire and then gifted me with new Vans. The neighbor whose smiling face walking into Cold Spoon makes me know I am loved. The Jenny Cakes, the food deliveries, the gift cards, the blankets, the inspirational quotes, the realization that my support network is full of amazing folks who are quite honestly, beasts.

And then there are the notifications when someone donates to the Research Fund. Let’s just say, my reaction is an awkward booty shake and crying combination, particularly if I don’t recognize the name.

Yes, I know Allah is protecting me and reminding me I am not in control but I kinda think Hadi is making sure I also am well taken care of, along with that twin of his.

And now for another list of random thoughts:

1. Bath Bombs

2. Mumford and Sons

3. Jenny Cakes...yum

4. Apple Cider

5. Cursing Unicorn

6. Chicken Fried Steak

7. No cableboxes

8. All because of a cable card

9. Construction masks beat medical masks

10. Tin Cup Fund

11. Elijah Cummings

12. Go Nats

13. Wet N Wild make up

14. Ninjago costume

15. Grateful beyond words

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