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It’s almost October. I am still of the opinion that pumpkin items shouldn’t be offered until October 1st. I am at Dunkin though and the pumpkin donut is looking pretty good. I draw the line at a pumpkin spice latte though.

Zakaria starts middle school next week. I still think 6th grade should be part of elementary school but he will do just fine. The start of school is always tough. I should be getting two kids on to the bus instead of one. Hadi would most likely be wearing some athletic shorts and a jersey. Zakaria of course had to pick out a collared shirt that fit just right. August is also the month where I walked into an empty house and my life changed forever…again.

I had come home from my trip to the DisneyExpo and realized I became a single mother overnight so, obviously, what am I gonna do? Yep, taking Zakaria to DisneyExpo this year. I am sure there will be triggers but it’s the same reason I visit NIH, to face the emotions head on. Alhumdulilah.

America runs on Dunkin. I stare at my coffee cup and I takes me back to my first nephew asking me to explain what the logos at 3 years old.

Not going to lie, summer weeks without Zakaria still suck but I am learning to enjoy self discovery. Alright, maybe enjoy isn’t the right word. Appreciate? Gotta love therapy. Oh, wait, I get to think about why I want everything a certain way, we get to talk to little Saira? Wait, I get to repeat to myself that it wasn’t my fault that I had a runaway husband? Yeah, not gonna say that pit in my stomach is enjoyable but I do know these hardships that Allah is teaching me something. Granted, that lesson might be a reminder that I don’t need anymore Funko Pops. ;)

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