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We are waiting to board our flight back to Virginia and I am exhausted. That being said, I am able to reflect on how awesome the Disney Expo was as Zakaria sleeps on my shoulder. Three years ago I sat in this airport knowing something was going on with my husband at the time given the vague text messages. The five hour flight was not pleasant

trying to figures out what could be wrong. Was there something going on with Zakaria, did he lose his job, was he cheating on me? It's fascinating where the mind will go. I am so looking forward to walking into my house this time around and knowing that I won't run upstairs to an empty closet. I am glad I know I won't have that pit in my stomach wondering where Zakaria is. Allah is the best of planners and he apparently wanted me to experience this Disney Expo and truly enjoy it with Zakaria.

Not sure when it will hit that we saw so many amazing actors on stage. I am proud of myself for not rushing the stage when Paul Rudd walked on.

Disneyland and the Rise of the Resistance was incredible as well as Harry Potter World at Universal. Zakaria insisted we ride the Forbidden Journey twice and I honestly am not sure how I didn't get sick.

Zakaria and I stood next to a pediatric nurse in the security line this morning and I began thinking of how I probably would have dressed up Hadi and Zakaria for DisneyExpo. Ewoks, something related to Ms. Marvel, Indiana Jones and Short Round? :)

Alright, time to board. It's been real, D23.

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