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4 Years Later…

We are coming up on four years since Hadi said peace out and returned to our creator. I just watched a video of Zakaria and Hadi going down one of the bumpy slides at Cox Farms. It was awesome to hear Hadi ask Zakaria his thoughts on the slide. They always provided awesome entertainment. I am sure Hadi was laughing at Zakaria from Jannah as Zakaria was getting frustrated with me for asking questions during Avatar, the Last Air Bender. Hadi used to allow Zakaria only three questions during Star Wars.

I am currently at a retreat, Embrace Your Power, put on by Moxie Living and Mommying While Muslim. I have learned a few things. One, the connections one makes at these types of events are incredible. Two, I can't deny how much I love me a good swag bag and Zaiba did not disappoint. Three, self awareness work is freaking exhausting, annoying, revealing and so dang rewarding, all mixed together.

The retreat is in Old Town Alexandria. As I walked down to the waterfront after grabbing

my coffee from Misha's, I realized I passed the first restaurant I ate at with my ex-husband. I didn't have a visceral reaction. Is that growth? Let's call it growth.

I am not quite sure what I will do in honor of my beautiful Hadi. I am sure there will be a visit to the grave and I will wonder yet again if there are cameras at the graveyard that have recorded my bootyshakes. October 21st. 4 years later. The beast that is aplastic anemia. You aren't in pain anymore, my little mongoose. Alhumdulilah. You handled it like a champ...even though you didn't want to be called a champ. Well, fine, your name means guide and four years later and forever, that is what you will continue to be to me. La halwa wala quwatta, illa billa.

In honor of Hadi, we would be honored if you would donate to Team Watience using the link below. Funds will be used to support the various causes Hadi cared about, including bone marrow failure research, supporting the less fortunate, and making sure his mom had coffee (just kidding).

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